Match Targets Anti-Ghosting App Features

In the race to connect with the anonymous love of your life, getting ghosted can feel like a major setback. Ghosting in today’s terminology simply refers to an abrupt end without any explanation of a personal relationship. When all conversation ends and no explanation is given, ghosting occurs., an online dating website, is looking to tackle one of the biggest issues with online dating: ghosting. By developing a new recommendation system known as Matched by Us, the team hopes to push users to unmatch recipients rather than simply leave them hanging.

Addressing Demographic Challenges

One of the big reasons for this change is to appeal to older demographics. On Match’s dating platform, the vast majority of users are in their 30s and are already living fuller lives. Ready to find a relationship and looking for the connection of your life, getting ghosted or struggling to find a match can feel frustrating. To offset this potentially alienating feeling, Match’s CPO Dushyant Saraph led the charge on the new update.

The system purports to work by using algorithms to match individuals based on preferences and personalities as well as responses curated from their Match bios.

Originally founded in 1993, is one of the oldest and most enduring online dating services in the world. can be thanked for laying the groundwork for platforms like Tinder and Bumble.

Tinder Brings Swipe Night Back, Faces Controversy

In the same way that Match is trying to address demographic concerns, Tinder is looking to bring more users to the app for online interactive features. This desire is best underscored by Tinder’s decision to bring Swipe Night stories back following a nearly 20 million user turnout for the event.

Originally launched in 2019 as a “Choose Your Own Adventure,” the COVID-19 pandemic would stall interactivity among users. With the pandemic finally receding into the background thanks to vaccination drives, Tinder is seeking to connect once again with its younger users.

In addition to unveiling Swipe Night, Tinder has been undergoing a very public feud with Tinder co-founder and former Match CEO Sean Rad. Rad was one of the original figures lauded for establishing Tinder, but his decision to cash out at an earlier opportunity is under intense scrutiny. Rad alleges that Tinder’s parent company, IAC, suppressed the value of the company to stop the founders from cashing in on their efforts.

Going on a date during a global pandemic can probably be described as risky, but humans still yearn for and desire for connection. One individual found themselves using Tinder as a way to filter out potential dates, opting for video chats first. Unfortunately, this wasn’t always effective. Some daters would still want to remove their masks, head back to apartments, and generally act as if the pandemic wasn’t happening.

Video chats continue to rise in popularity due to the pandemic, and that is something Tinder is looking to embrace as it draws upon its aging Gen Z users. Tinder continues to try and shift the platform away from its “swipe left, swipe right” roots as it becomes a more social, connective experience.