Everything You Need to Know About New School Tattooing

New school tattoos are considered a contemporary evolution of an ancient tradition for decorating human skin.  The designs derive inspiration from the pop culture of 70s and 80s, with a couple featuring the hectic life of popular icons. The detailed drawings can captivate attention in absolutely no time thanks to dark outlines as well as saturated colours. Do you wish to know more? If yes, please check out the rest of the discussion.

A Brief History

The artists providing the best ink tattoo Bali said, new school style emerged only a couple decades ago, and is developing into varied branches already. Different types of stories are told and they traced the origin of new school to the work of artists in 70s and 80s with deep roots in counterculture of West Coast.

The black and white old school tattoos were brought to life by rich colours. Traditional images such as crosses and eagles were replaced with graffiti, science fiction personalities, cartoons, and a tad exaggerated representations of famous celebrities.

In 90s, new school managed to gain a strong footing as a separate tattooing style having intense colour palettes, larger-than-life subject matters, and bold frameworks. There is a definite three-dimensional imagery and a sense of motion in this particular style that creates space and perspective. At times, the characters seem to jump off the picture.

Infinite Imagination

The imagery of the new school tattooing style reflects the infinite imagination of the artists and the subjects. The tattoos are mesmerising since they help the viewer enter a world of imagination – a world that hardly has any resemblance to the monotonous reality.


The cartoons appear, often discoloured and distorted, locked in struggle with other items. Or you may see mythological creatures such as an octopus with its tentacles wrapped around an abstract object. Dinosaurs, dragons, and dinosaurs, sometimes vague, bare their ferocious fangs. Aliens with bloody canines or raptors with huge wings instil fear in the faint-hearted.

Delving Beneath Surface

The scenes sometimes carry the viewer beneath the surface in breathtaking yet strange marine settings with tall ships, breaking waves, fish transforming into pirates, cute creatures out of the Disney World that on second take have jaws of deadly sharks.

Graceful Figures

The tattoos for women tend to be much more exhilarating with recognisable characters from the anime. You may find yourself gazing into the eyes of the beautiful faces of women gracefully draped over one’s body contours.

Another frequently found feature is complex patterns that are encompassing varied parts of the body in conventional, mechanical, and natural shapes. Sometimes different from the stretch fabric, it is only the eyes and outline of the mystical figure that convey the artist’s deception.

According to the experts working for the best tattoo places in Bali, new school is considered the best way to express individual style, strength, and tradition. Skin, which is perceived as a huge blank canvas, provides the opportunity to experiment with tones and forms, and to accentuate patterns and shapes. If you want to become a walking art piece, opt for this style without any hesitation.