Top Seven Things to Do for Breast Augmentation Recovery

With the day of your breast augmentation approaching at a faster pace, you must pay close attention to the preparation. Almost all elective surgeries provide you the opportunity to get ready as well as change your home for the best possible healing process. The following write-up explores ten things most women do before finally going under the knife. Please check them out now.

  • Make a Peaceful Ambiance at Home

According to the best plastic surgeons in Alexandria VA, when the surrounding is peaceful and quiet, the body heals easily. Prior to breast augmentation, make sure the house is thoroughly clean and do all of your necessary chores such as laundry. If there are hard-to-reach things in your pantry or cupboard, move them to a more accessible area. You should be able to get them without having to lift the arms.

  • Make a Proper Recovery Space

You will be spending a lot of time in your bed when you are recovering, so, make sure to keep all the essentials on the bedside table. Include items like water bottle, tissues, moisturiser, and lip balm. You must have some baby wipes too with which you can freshen up until you are allowed to shower. Keep the cell phone, charger, and TV remote with new batteries close.

  • Stack the Pillows

You will want many plump pillows so that you can be upright at a 45-degree angle. Throw a couple wedge pillows for increasing the comfort quotient. The pillows on both the sides will prevent you from rolling over and falling off from the bed.

  • Arrange Daycare for Pets and Children

You would not be able to walk your pets or play with your children immediately after breast augmentation. Make sure to arrange someone who can fulfill all of your duties on your behalf without any hassle.

  • Pre-plan the Meals

When recovering from breast augmentation, you probably would not want to spend time inside the kitchen cooking dishes, so, pre-plan the foods in advance. Sock up on the easy-to-make meals or make and freeze the meals. At times, the friends provide help but are not sure how to lend hand. Well, they bring over a meal or two. They would keep you nourished under all circumstances.

  • Discuss the Supplements

The experts performing breast augmentation Chevy Chase MD said Arnica Montana, also called mountain daisy, is an amazing herbal supplement that can alleviate bruising and inflammation. For the best outcomes, it is generally recommended to consume the supplements at least two weeks before and after the surgery.

  • Apply Cocoa Butter

When you are allowed to take baths again, please use an antibacterial soap and a clean non-abrasive washcloth. You may also want to apply cocoa butter based lotions. After the surgery, the skin will be dry, flaky, and swollen; these lotions will make your skin feel better.

Breast augmentation or any other breast surgery will assure optimal outcomes only if you agree to depend on a board-certified practitioner – someone who charges reasonably, is aware of all the recent trends, and will take care of recovery. Ask all the questions that are swirling inside your mind during the consultation. Going under the knife with doubts will only cause regrets.