Dr. Robert Turner – Dealing with Traumatic Stress After a Physical Assault

Traumatic stress is common after a physical assault. It is a challenging time not only for the survivor but also for their loved ones. The survivor loses control of life, and a mixed range of emotions is involved. The person often starts to neglect herself or himself, and in common cases, the ideation of self-harm as a coping mechanism and suicide follow.

Dr. Robert Turner – Get the help you need with professional counseling

Dr. Robert Turner is an experienced counselor in the field of physical assault. He is a man of faith and attends church regularly. He volunteers for socio-civic activities and helps survivors of physical assault. He is also fond of fitness, reading and has an interest in movies and education.

Identifying the signs of traumatic stress

He counsels survivors of traumatic events like a physical assault, saying that it can affect every person in such a way that it changes their mindset emotions and shakes them to the core, resulting in a significant volume of stress.

Overcoming this stress takes a lot of time, healing, and professional therapy. However, the following are some ways for you to help a loved one or yourself to cope with stress-

  1. Taking the help of loved ones- Survivors should lean on support, love, and presence. Staying with them reminds them of being surrounded by the people who care for them. They are not alone in their battle to survive, and there are caring people who want to help them after this traumatic event.
  • Confronting the internal feelings– In his opinion, the tendency of concealing, hiding, or burying feelings or, in common language, bottling everyone up does more harm than good. It is not mentally healthy for you to isolate yourself; you should confide in someone you trust. Taking the help of substance abuse like alcohol and drugs is not a healthy way of dealing with this situation. It can only be resolved when you confront your feelings and face the leading cause of your fears to find ways to resolve them completely.

If you are a survivor and encountering traumatic stress, you should take out time for yourself. Hydrate, eat healthily and exercise. You should stay away from situations that stress you further for some time. Keep toxicity away from your life. Though this takes a lot of time and patience, it will help you progress when it comes to healing your mind and body.

  • Re-establish your daily routine- Life goes on, and this is the reality you should face. When you re-establish the routine, you used to follow in the past, you re-balance the mind. This is a path to return to the normalcy that you in the past have experienced.

In the opinion of Dr. Robert Turner, when you trust yourself, you are able to move forward with your life. You become wiser and stronger. You can move on and look into the future without fear.