Capital Timeshare- Discover The Best Wine To Pair With Grilled Food 

When you are traveling, it is evident that with the sightseeing places, you would love to experiment with the food and wine as well. The most significant advantage of traveling is you get to discover new things without commitments. You are free to explore, experiment, and learn new things that can sometimes bring positive changes in your life. 

Capital Timeshare- eating out with wine

Capital Vacations is a respected name in resort management, hospitality, and sales. The team here offers flexible travel programs for customers, and with their Capital Timeshare advantage, one can share comfortable vacation rental properties at great prices. The experts here suggest that when you travel to a new place, you should pair the right wine with the food you eat for a delicious meal. 

Discover the best food-wine pairings during your trip

From Rose to Chardonnay, wine is the drink that goes with every menu, and when it comes to ordering the right one for your meal, this guide will help you. 

Chardonnay for grilled vegetables- this unique wine is infused with the flavors of pineapple, cantaloupe, and lime. It is the perfect combination for grilled eggplant and zucchini. 

Prosecco for light appetizers and excellent salads- This wine is dry and crisp in taste. It is bubbly and adds balance to a potato or vegetable salad with a dip of French onions. 

Pinot Gris or Grillo for grilled seafood- White wine and seafood have always been a staple pairing for a long time. Fresh Grillo is a grape from Italy that is known for its fragrance and pairs well with swordfish. 

Syrah (also called Shiraz) for ribs and grilled steak- This dark wine has the flavors of pepper and blackberry. It tastes well with a juicy steak and grilled ribs. 

Verdelho or Moschofilero or Vinho Verde with grilled chicken – Verdelho or Vinho Verde is a white wine from Portugal that has the flavors of pear and peach. Moschofilero is a floral and fruity variant of wine that you find in Greece. 

Moscato d’Asti for sweet desserts Moscato d’Asti is known as a dessert wine and goes well with fruit tarts, pineapple puddings, coconut pudding and orange sorbet. 

Poulsard or Riesling for grilled sausages- This wine is dry and crisp, giving you an acid rush that enlivens your palate on the first sip. 

Know more about these wines at wine tasting events

All of the above wines have their own specialties, and you can get the opportunity to explore them at wine tasting sessions or workshops. According to the professionals at Capital Timeshare, the most significant advantage of a wine-tasting session is that you get the opportunity to explore these different variants of wine in a single place. You are under no commitment to buy them, so these sessions not only help you to discover new wines but also to learn a lot about them as well. 

You might be accustomed to drinking one type of wine with your food; however, when you discover the different food wine pairings, you can enhance the dining experience, not only for your guests but for your family functions too.