7 effective ways to protect your jewellery business!

Any type of jewellery you sell needs to be protected, whether it is produced from expensive metals and gems or is handcrafted, manufactured, made from recycled materials, or anything else. There are tons of ways to do so that are not only effective but also efficient.

Owning a jewellery store takes so much to invest and is almost always not the first option for a starting business owner to take on. That’s because starting and running a jewellery business is a tedious process where you have to consider various factors.

But at the end of the day, there is no doubt that jewellery stores can make you a hefty profit. That’s because jewellery is also a highly valued asset, so high that you can even get insurance for it.

So to know how to safeguard your jewellery store and prevent it from dangers and risks, keep reading!

What are the safety rules I need to use in my jewellery store?

When opening up a jewellery store, make sure to have rules implemented. You’re dealing with expensive pieces and have visiting customers on a daily basis so it’s best to have a system your customers and employees can follow. So without further ado, here are efficient and effective rules to consider:

  • Open and close your shop with 2 or more people – Having someone with you when opening and closing your store can prevent various dangers from happening. Some of the most common ones are mugging and hold-ups.

And even if you let your employees do the opening and closing, you can set this as a rule for your employees- to always have at least 2 or more staff with them during openings and closings.

  • Have an alarm button below the counter – This is to be used when a visiting customer runs off with the jewellery. This will set a loud alarm and will alert the police.

If you want to upgrade to a more effective security system, you can even get one that automatically locks the doors.

  • Show one piece of jewellery at a time – This method is to prevent ‘grab-and-run’ incidents. And when showing a piece of jewellery to a customer, always have one hand on the alarm button, in case.
  • Document suspicious activities – If your employees witness or sense suspicious activities, ask them to document them in a logbook. This will come in handy when coming up with precautionary measures in protecting your store.
  • Greet every customer that enters the store – This will mean you know they’re there and you see them as they enter and even as they go.
  • Don’t post photos of your store’s layout – This rule is for customers and employees. They are not allowed to take a wide-angle picture of your store, nor are they allowed to post it. Photos are only allowed when taking pictures of pieces.
  • Require more than 2 IDs – When a customer decides to purchase an item using a card, make sure to ask for 2 or more valid IDs. These IDs should be government-issued IDs or from a reputable constitution. This will prevent fraud so consider asking for passport IDs, driver’s licenses, employee’s IDs, school IDs, senior citizen IDs, PWD IDs and so on.
  • Have a code staff to use when they sense danger – Get your employees to use a phrase or a word when they sense danger or are in danger.
  • Have security cameras on 24/7 – Even during closed hours, the risks of danger are still as large. So always ask your staff to constantly check on the surveillance cameras to see if they’re functioning properly.
  • Check bags before exiting – This applies to both customers and staff. Before they exit your store make sure their bags are checked. And before customers enter, make sure to enlighten them about this rule.
  • Have your employees log in and log out – Every time your staff logs in, takes a break and logs out, make sure it’s documented in a log book.
  • Log every purchase – Get your employees to log every purchase made in the store. Make sure they get the customer’s full name, contact details and what they purchased.

How do I protect my jewellery store?

The most practical and efficient way to protect any business is by getting it insured. Getting your business the coverage it needs can save you more money in the long run plus this keeps your business safe from various dangers and risks.

When getting your shop business insurance, means you’re protected from lawsuits, financial losses, damages from accidents and calamities and even injuries to customers and staff during service or while in your vicinity.

This also makes your business more credible to partners and clients. Knowing you got your business protected will make it more reliable to purchase from and work with. So if you want to safeguard your business the best you can, implement the necessary rules and get your shop the business insurance it needs.