Top 3 Most Valuable Secrets That Every Forex Trader Should Know

Millions of people are taking up Forex Trading by storm, both for casual or full-time basis. If you are new to Forex and don’t know much about it, chances are, you are scouring the web for tips and hints on how you should make the first move and about finding the most reliable Forex broker. To help you on your first steps to Forex trade, here are three secrets that almost everyone didn’t know about.

Secret No 1: You Must Stress Test Your Trading Strategy

Your trading plan is a vital tool to your success as it is your game plan doubled as a rulebook that will dictate the things that you can do and cannot. Drafting a trading plan on paper is a lot easier than putting it into action, as it is the only way to determine its effectiveness. There are a huge number of traders who have their trading strategies on hand but are yet to stress test it before the actual game. REMEMBER: You have to stress test your trading strategy before you commit something over the long term.

Stress testing your trading strategy should never be a hassle as there are already a lot of simulation tools that you can use to avoid placing your capital at risk. These simulation tools help you “run” your strategy using several historical data as well as trading scenarios to be able to see how it can hold up.

Secret No 2: Make A Trading Journal

Trading journals are hugely abandoned nowadays due to the real-time trade records are largely used by brokers. The problem that these records pose is their incapability to catch everything, a thing that only successful traders can relate. Upon starting a manual trading journal, you can go down to the core of the efforts you exerted on Forex Trading France. Independent tracking, monitoring margin usage as well as profits, losses, and buying power can be very helpful.

For modern traders, trading journals are considered not fashionable and time-consuming. However, a trading journal is the “leading secret” when it comes to Forex trading. This old school approach gives you a manual look at your trading history that helps you see the progress of your trading and allows you to correct previous mistakes.

For you to become a competent Forex trader, you need to be updated with the latest financial news. However, this will not be enough to become an “out and out successful”. Smart traders know the importance of understanding the difference between fads and trends. A majority of traders tend to examine the market development on parameters like the GDP. Breaking down the factors of Forex Trading France is studying the microeconomics of inflation.


Becoming a successful and profitable Forex trader is one painful road especially if you haven’t tried using reliable trading software and a reliable Forex broker. There may be bumps and turns along the road. However, overcoming all these things will give you a positive note. Before putting your precious capital on the line, take note of the secrets mentioned above. Make it time-tested and well-researched to attain the best results.