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June, London, UK – As the global economy continues to expand, ambitious Indian entrepreneurs are setting their sights on international markets to achieve sustainable growth. Among these markets, the United Kingdom (UK) stands out as a highly profitable destination, offering a business-friendly environment for Indian companies looking to expand their operations. Recognizing the potential and the unique challenges faced by Indian entrepreneurs, has emerged as a trusted partner, offering a comprehensive suite of services to simplify the process of starting or expanding businesses in the UK.

Even as the UK offers Indian entrepreneurs the next level of business opportunities, for first-timer entrepreneurs, entry into the UK for business can be a complex and daunting task. This was experienced first-hand by Jitendra Sakhrani, Founder of, who spent many months discovering the most optimum ways to bridge complexities and finally succeed at getting his business up and running.

Says Jitendra, “Entrepreneurs like me want to focus on business, spending minimal time on admin and compliance. Lack of knowledge of setting up a business in a new country like the UK, took away precious time that I would have spent building my enterprise. Those months and years were spent navigating complexities, but in a positive light, the insights come together in the creation of

 We are a one-stop-shop for Indian entrepreneurs who want to enter the UK and then fast-track their business growth within the UK and possibly Europe as well. We do this by offering a suite of services that will simplify the entry process to begin business in the UK. But it doesn’t stop there, once established they can fuel their business growth by opting for our online listing services across 30+ prominent marketplaces. In brief, is the perfect shortcut to directly bypass initial complexities and then address business objectives like growing revenue without wasting time.”

The first step to starting a business involves company registration, bank account opening, VAT registration among others and offers to simplify and create efficiencies by drawing on past expertise.

Take company registration, ensures the new business is compliant with local regulations by seamlessly offering step-by-step instruction, and also establishing a local bank account effortlessly so the new business can make seamless financial transactions. VAT Registration is another critical area where  helps Indian businesses meet their tax obligations accurately and efficiently.

And offers more efficiency options to add more to business such as trademark and copyright protection, 3PL services for warehousing and logistics where all goods are insured.

A key offering by is an online listing across 30+ prominent marketplaces. Says Jitendra, “Online listing with is where we have great expertise, as I have personally used the online space for my own business. We have direct relationships with 30+ marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Debenhams, Wayfair, wowcher, Shopify, ManoMano, and ASOS to name a few and based on the industry we can help entrepreneurs get their products online – from product listing based on the industry to cataloging, order support, and after-sales support. Importantly, our clients can leverage further our expertise as we have direct connections with the relationship managers in some of these marketplaces. For entrepreneurs from industries such as textiles, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, FMCG, electronics, homeware, and more, an online presence is essential for customers to connect with them” takes business expansion even further by offering services such as a dedicated UK address to build a local presence and enhance business operations. And to further strengthen their market presence, Indian entrepreneurs can rely on virtual assistant services that provides.

Jitendra believes that this is just the beginning for Indian companies as continues to evolve and refine its services. “We began operations two years ago with clients from India and China and we were very taken aback by the great response and inquiries we received. We’ve grown from a few staff to 50 people in offices across 3 countries – the UK, India and China and we are looking to expand our team. Every year, we compile new insights and findings from complex cases and this helps future clients get a sophisticated quality of service, simply because our clients come from different countries and industries, helping us add more depth and perspective to our offerings”

 Client responses have been very positive about’s services with feedback such as efficiency and seamlessness ranked high. The options of local presence as a service have boosted customer loyalty and brand credibility and the company is increasingly noticing how even local, non-Indian, companies are coming on board to take advantage of options such as company registration and VAT assistance.

For Indian entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to explore the UK market, offers a wealth of expertise and support, simplifying the process of establishing a strong foothold. By partnering with, businesses can focus on their core competencies, while relying on trusted professionals to handle the complexities of entering a new market.

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About is a leading service provider, assisting Indian businesses and brands in starting or expanding their operations in the United Kingdom. With a wide range of tailored services, including company registration, bank account opening, VAT registration, virtual assistant support, trademark and copyright protection, 3PL services, and sales support across prominent marketplaces, aims to simplify the process of entering the UK market and unlock the potential for growth and profitability.