Hillandale Farms Mentions a Few Cool and Creative Ways to Make Eggs

After buying eggs from Hillandale Farms, chances are that people will try to fry or boil them, or even make an omelette or scrambled eggs. However, sticking to just these basic items can become monotonous at times. Hence, it would be a good idea and explore creative ways to cook eggs. One can choose to make “cloud” eggs” which involves whisking egg whites like making meringue, or even add eggs to soup or oatmeal to enhance the overall dish.

Hillandale Farms marks a few interesting ways to prepare and enjoy eggs

Eggs are pretty much the ideal convenience food. They are rich in protein, great to taste and perfectly pre-portioned. However, many get bored with the common methods of preparing them. Hence, to keep things interesting, it will be a good idea to try out the following approaches:

  • Cloud egg: One can make beautiful cloud eggs with the help of a whisk and a cookie cutter. This method is ideal for people wanting a white and fluffy egg that looks similar to a cloud, and has a golden, runny center. To prepare cloud eggs, one has to separate the egg whites from the yolks, and whisk the whites like they are making meringue.
  • Crispy deviled eggs: Deviled eggs are the ideal creamy and tasty brunch item. However, just adding a bit of a crunch to it can take these treats to a whole new level. This method basically involves boiling the eggs, removing the yolk and coating the whites in a breadcrumb mixture prior to frying them.
  • Curing: If a person is baking a dish that calls for egg whites but no yolk, it is smart to not toss the yellow yolks into the trash, especially if high quality eggs from Hillandale Farms have been purchased. Rather than wasting the yolk, it shall be better to cure and preserve them by burying the yolk in a mixture of salt and sugar for around four days before drying them in the oven. The outcome would be ideal for grating over salads or pasta, similar to parmesan or hard cheese.
  • Egg oatmeal:  A lot of people consider oatmeal to be bland, but it does not have to be. Just adding an egg to the dish can go a long way in elevating the texture, flavor and richness of the bowl of oats.
  • Poach egg into the soup: Poaching the eggs in broth can impart delectable flavor to the eggs and add a boost of protein to the soup. One can just add an egg or two into the piping-hot broth, and then swirl the eggs gently to poach them perfectly. They may even use this method to poach eggs right in the soup bowl, as long as it is hot enough.
  • Scramble eggs in a rice cooker: To feed multiple people who may not be eating at the same time, scrambling a number of eggs in a rice cooker would be a good idea. It will keep the leftovers moist and warm without overcooking the eggs.

A person can try out the above mentioned effective yet simple ways to prepare eggs more creatively than usual. They may even make an omelet in a plastic, re-sealable b rather than a bag by mixing a few eggs and omelette add-ons of choice in a baggie, and boiling them.