Evan Bass Men’s Clinic Speaks on How Testosterone Contributes to The Wellbeing of Males

Testosterone is the most essential sex hormone primarily responsible for developing masculine characteristics in men. For women, the amount of testosterone is found in fairly smaller amounts. Produced in the testicles, the sex hormone plays a vital role in men and takes care of muscle mass, bone density, facial and public hair, developing a deeper male voice, libido, thinking ability, mood, and quality of life. Its production upsurges nearly 30 times more throughout adolescence upto the early adulthood, and the level declines by almost 1% each year as they reach their 30s.

While a drop within the limit is normal, due to different reasons a large number of men experience hypogonadism or low level of testosterone than normal. This is the time, having testosterone replacement therapy from established clinics like Evan Bass Men’s Clinic can add quality to a man’s life with multiple benefits. Sounds interesting! Well, continue reading to find its health benefits.

Healthy heart

Being the center of the circulation system, a healthy and steady heart is the most vital human organ that pumps blood all through the body as per one’s heartbeats. The blood passes oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and organs of the body and also carries away undesired waste and carbon dioxide. Testosterone takes a major role to produce RBC in the bone marrow. Low testosterone level is risky for cardiovascular health while considering a TRT and having a normal increase of testosterone can promote heart health and lessen the chances of stroke.

Stronger bones

Testosterone plays an immense role in enhancing bone mineral density during adolescence and early adulthood. Similarly, its density decreases as men start aging and because of the dropping of testosterone levels. This is why middle-aged to elderly men experience issues like weak bones, bone fractures, and osteoporosis. After aging 45-50’s, having testosterone replacement therapy can increase spinal and hip bone density and lessen the chances of bone fracture.

Lessen fat, solidify muscles

Another responsibility of testosterone is increasing muscle mass, and energy, and controlling body weight. Men with low testosterone also experience an increase in fat mass with a decrease in muscle tone and strength. Regardless of the sex, this is experienced by both males and females. It has been proven men who have undergone TRT from notable places like Evan Bass Men’s Clinic can gain an increase in lean body mass with more muscle strength and lessening of fat accumulation.

Higher libido

A stable testosterone level is vital in response to sexual desire and activity in men. Men with a higher amount of testosterone generally have a much better sexual performance than a person with a low level of testosterone. Noteworthy that TRT can not only boost sexual drive or libido but by improving erectile function helps improve sex performance. Because TRT also helps to lift mood, this can automatically heighten one’s interest in having sexual intercourse. Importantly, increased stamina, lessened fat mass, and more enduring muscle mass are important in performing better while having sex.  

Testosterone replacement therapy is proven beneficial for men with low T or testosterone levels. Those who guess that they suffer from low levels of testosterone, just by having a blood test can determine their testosterone levels and get diagnosed with the underlying conditions. Accordingly, the proper plan is set for making the testosterone replacement therapy effective and letting them get back to their normal life.