Best Hand Tattoos that You Should Surely Try When in Thailand

Thailand has a long and illustrious history with the art of getting a tattoo. Indeed, the Sak Yant tattooing practise, which originated in the Khmer Empire (now Cambodia), has survived until this day in Thailand.

A tattoo of Sak Yant, which features shapes from geometry and holy animal designs, is a work of spiritual art that is deeply rooted in Buddhist traditions and is said to provide the tattooed person with tons of luck and protect the person from mishaps. Thailand now has some of Asia’s top tattoo artists, even if they aren’t from Sak Yant.

A hand tattoo can be the right choice for you if you like to make a big statement. Because a hand is rarely hidden (depending on the season and your work), it is constantly visible and difficult to conceal. They’re not only visible to others, but they’re also in your line of sight all of the time, so make sure you pick a design you adore.

Hand tattoos fade over time since they’re on a high-movement body region that gets washed and worn away frequently, and they often heal badly. Because of the thin skin and boniness of the hand, this type of tattoo is usually quite painful.

Best hand tattoos to try in Thailand:

If you are confused aboutwhere to get tattoo in Thailand from, then there are several tattoo studios in Thailandthat are highly known. But, here are a few hand tattoos that you should surely try in Thailand:

  • Inner Finger Tattoo

Ari has a slew of hand tattoos, the most noteworthy of which is this inner-finger “Baby Doll” word placement, a moniker allegedly bestowed upon her by her maternal grandmother.

  • Ornate Hand Tattoo

Ornate ornamentation on the back of the hand and into the fingers is a popular choice for hand tattoos. It’s for a good reason, too, because this appearance flatters everyone and complements any aesthetic.

  • Rose Hand Tattoo

A rose looks fantastic on the hand in any position. Place it directly above your thumb to give it the most room to grow.

  • Vine Hand Tattoo

While hand tattoos are limited to a small region, they have the advantage of being able to expand in both directions: up the fingers and up the arm. For a cascading effect, this wrapped vine pattern stretches both directions.

  • Henna Hand Tattoo

The elaborate henna inspired ink on Rihanna’s hand was produced by Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy and his colleague Cally-Jo, who spent hours working out the artwork. “From 7 p.m. till midnight, we drew on her hand,” McCurdy said. “We were scribbling and altering our surroundings. Cally-Jo would sketch while I had a break, then I’d draw… We wanted something very decorative, feminine, and seductive, and henna painting was the idea.”

Choose you pick responsibly and flaunt it in style!