A Beginner’s Guide to Using Mirrors as Interior Design & Decoration

Modern-day interior designers and decorators consider mirrors to be their secret weapon. Apart from being a practical object where you can check out your face, a breathtaking mirror can be utilized for amplifying light, adding drama, framing views, and creating fascinating reflections. Many people will be amazed to find out that a mirror can successfully transform any space, resolve interior dilemmas instantly. To know more, please check out the given discussion now.

Illuminate a Room

To illuminate a room, place the mirror next to or opposite a window for escalating the total amount of natural light. Mirrors can harness daylight no matter how cloudy the sky us. Remember, the bigger the mirror, the brighter the room. Mirrors multiply the sources of light. If you find decorating a hollow space challenging, place the mirrors near the lamp.

Enhance a Room

Mirrors can allow you to deceive without any hassle. They can enhance something or drive attention away from it. The awkward spaces like the rooms having a sloping ceiling or gaps too small to accommodate furniture can be certainly repurposed with mirrors. Do you know a mirror can boost the ambiance of an entertaining space? Keep a mirror against the wall for creating an illusion that there are more guests at your party.

Focal Point

According to the top interior designers Cape Town, the rooms that do not have any mantelpiece or fireplace to position the furniture around, a mirror is an excellent tool to dictate a room’s center. The homes that does have a fireplace, it can exaggerate the profound impact of a mirror’s overall presence. A mirror with a decorative frame works as well as paintings.

Select Mirrors of Varying Shapes

The correct shaped mirror can maximize natural light that is flooding into the room, when strategically positioned. Do not adhere to conventional rectangular mirrors. Take into account the style or shape of the room, and reflect that in the frame of the mirror you chose. Mirrors do not always have to be viable. A strangely shaped one will surely create a conversational point while providing the room the wow quotient.

Exaggerate Symmetry

Mirrors are considered the perfect components when it comes to delineating the view. When kept in pairs in either side of the entryway or window, they create a sense of harmony and stability, mirroring the contrasting side of a space left to right and front to back. They are the best way to command whether or not you are opting for an eclectic or systematic layout.

Mirrors are not meant only for the inside of a house. Some people use them for introducing natural light in a shady courtyard, north facing patio, basement level lawn, etc. If you live in an urban region, you may want to select a mirror, which can successfully expand the dimension of your enclosed garden. If you live in the countryside, you may use mirrors to create the impression of more greenery.

Purchase mirrors with utmost caution. Depend on the best provider who assures quality as well as affordability.